Generally, Borden Perlman recommends keeping your insurance policies in force, if at all possible, during this COVID-19 crisis.

To do so, now and always, timely payment of your insurance premiums when due are critical to ensure coverage remains in place without a gap.  Notices of Cancellation are sent directly from insurance carriers and premium finance companies to the policyholder, and it is the policyholder’s responsibility to act upon them.  If you are having financial difficulties and fear you will not be able to pay your policy premium when due, please reach out to us or your insurance carrier directly.  Many insurance carriers like Travelers, Hartford, Chubb, Selective, and others have suggested that policyholders reach out to them for assistance with payment plans during this time of crisis. If your premium is financed through a Premium Finance Company, that company will need to be contacted directly, separate from your insurance company.

Borden Perlman is here to assist in investigating and navigating payment issues.  We will absolutely advocate on your behalf.  Please contact us with any questions.