There are other potential legislative actions that are evolving within each state as well as the federal government that could provide help for individuals and business owners.  The articles linked below, originally published by well-respected coverage attorneys at White and Williams, LLP, provide an example and discussion of legislation that is being presented in our home state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Legislature Considering Bill To Force Insurers To Pay COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims Expressly Excluded By ISO’s “Virus” Exclusion
March 15, 2020
By: Anthony L. Miscioscia and Randy J. Maniloff; White and Williams, LLP
Description: As economic losses from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to mount, there has been much discussion about the potential availability of insurance, especially under Business Interruption policies.
COVID-19: The Real Operation of New Jersey’s Proposed Insurance Legislation
March 19, 2020
By: Randy Maniloff, Edward Koch; White and Williams, LLP
Description: The New Jersey legislature recently introduced a bill designed to compel insurance companies to pay some business interruption claims arising out of the coronavirus.  The law’s drafters are aware that, to do so, they are required to excise a provision of the insurance policies.