While creating a social media presence doesn’t require an initial monetary investment, generating content that current and potential clients find interesting does require dedication. If you are not consistently posting information across your organization’s social media platforms, your fans and followers are likely to ignore or forget about you.

The best way to maintain an active following is to be active in the social media community yourself. Consider the following tips when generating content for your organization’s social media presence.

Become a Content Curator

A content curator collects the best educational, interesting and insightful content from around the web and delivers it to an audience. Gather and share your findings by posting links on your organization’s social media platforms.

  • Find content that interests you. When you read or watch something on the Internet that excites you, share it. Your followers will respond to your enthusiasm, so let your excitement and personality shine when posting a link.
  • Vary the types of media you suggest. Be sure to share something for everyone—links to articles, videos, pictures and podcasts offer your followers a variety of ways to engage with you.
  • Make unusual connections. If you find something that loosely relates to your business, don’t be afraid to share it. Just make sure to spell out the connection for your audience and explain how it can help them.
  • Choose important information. As a content curator, your goal should not be to add more noise about a topic, but to funnel all the information down to the most important elements and provide a few links to the best resources available.

Appeal to Your Audience

Whether you’re creating or curating content, always keep your fans and followers in mind.

  • Know your target demographic. The quickest way to lose followers is to bore them. You should know what will interest your audience and what appeals to their values. When you broadcast content that aligns with your followers’ interests, they will likely comment upon or even share your content, maximizing your organization’s exposure.
  • Make it easy to understand. Package content in an easily digestible format with attention-grabbing headlines. For blogs and Facebook, consider using lists, short sentences and bullet points. For Twitter, limit yourself to three understandable hashtags per tweet.

Follow Your Social Media Strategy

Developing content your followers enjoy is great, but when it doesn’t further your business it’s a waste of time. Each post or tweet should directly or indirectly put your organization a step closer to achieving the business objectives laid out in your social media plan.

Be Curious and Have Fun

If you enjoy the content you generate, your followers will, too. By continually creating, linking to and posting about content you find interesting, you become an important and reliable source of information to your followers.

Constantly digging for content that you enjoy and that appeals to your fans will help you generate an active following for your organization. An energetic fan base maximizes your exposure and is a crucial element to any social media initiative.