Claims Success Stories

Claims Success Stories

Claims Success Stories

In 2013, on Christmas day, a Real Estate company suffered a large fire loss to their Wake County, North Carolina location. As the result of unusual ordinance code requirements in this municipality, the costs involved to obtain all the necessary information to obtain the permits to complete the repairs were exorbitant, outside the ordinary. Taking note of this, Borden Perlman worked behind the scenes, with both the insured and the carrier’s underwriting and claims departments, to ensure the right items were considered under the Ordinance and Law coverage, that all policy enhancement limits were applied properly, and that those limits were sufficient to complete the repairs. This matter was resolved in it’s entirety by November 2014, with the total amount paid at $204,512.29.

During the 2014 Ice Catastrophe that devastated the Eastern seaboard, from Georgia to Maine, a Real Estate company suffered water damage resulting from pipe bursts at several locations; Greenville County, SC, Iredell County, NC, and, Cobb County and Fulton County, GA. Each of these locations carried a large deductible, which would have translated to a six figure financial consequence to the insured. Borden Perlman jumped in immediately and was able to prove that because the catastrophe was one occurrence, although occurring over several days, one deductible applied, inclusive of all five affected locations.

Personal lines insured in Middlesex County, New Jersey was sued by a household employee, in the summer of 2014. The employee made various employment practices allegations. This was an extremely delicate situation that needed to be handled quickly and with extraordinary sensitivity. Additionally, there were some coverage and liability issues. Borden Perlman worked closely with both the carrier and the insured to come to an expeditious resolution all parties could agree upon.

During the 2014 winter catastrophe, our insured, a Non-Profit behavioral health facility in Union County, New Jersey, suffered roof and water damages to their premises, as a result of the freezing and thawing of ice. The carrier declined coverage. When Borden Perlman received the declination, we immediately reached out to the insured to discuss our strategy to prove there was a covered loss. After submission of an appeal, with various documents supporting our position, and the carrier’s engineer’s inspection, they stood by their declination. At that point, the claim was escalated internally and Jeff Perlman stepped in to assist. After much back and forth, subsequent site visits, and clarification of the engineer’s findings, the declination was finally reversed and the insurance company paid the claim

In the Spring of 2014, our insured, a storage company in Somerset County, New Jersey, was sued by an employee. The insured had the opportunity to resolve the matter expeditiously for a nominal amount. When the supporting documents were submitted to the carrier, reimbursement for the defense costs and settlement were declined. After escalating the situation and working with the carrier, we were able to come to a favorable resolution for this unusual situation and the insurance company reimbursed the insured.

In November 2012 our insured, a security firm in Middlesex County, New Jersey, was brought into a bodily injury suit via 3rd party complaint. When the suit settled in October 2014, the carrier asked for the insured’s deductible that applied to this coverage. While the insured paid the deductible, they felt they had done everything right, everything they were supposed to do. Borden Perlman and the carrier’s claims and underwriting departments partnered together to achieve a favorable outcome. In November 2014, the carrier returned the insured’s deductible.

During a severe 2017 lightning storm in Florida, our insured's "smart" home lost all power. With touch screen panels and keypads in every room, the entire system needed to be replaced, including pool equipment and outside speakers. Borden Perlman had to act quickly and efficiently so their home could regain power. Within two days, a $25,000 advance claim payment was issued. Within four days, an electrical engineer inspected and justified the damages. The insured received approximately $80,000 in claim proceeds and was hosted in a hotel while their smart home repairs were completed. 



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