John McDowell,

Senior Operations Manager, Groundswell Design Group

As our business continued to grow and our liability exposures became more complex, Borden Perlman was there to take our insurance and risk management program to the next level. In particular, as a landscape design and architecture firm, Professional Liability is one of our critical exposures, and Borden Perlman was able to put together a cost effective solution with great coverage terms. Our enhanced insurance program has allowed us to take on bigger projects, and meet the contractual requirements of our sophisticated clients. Borden Perlman has also played a key role in helping think through our subcontractor agreements to better transfer risk away from our company. In addition to helping us take control of our risk exposures, their service is phenomenal, and we would highly recommend them to organizations facing complex risk management issues.

Bill Kurtain,

President, Winning Touch Tennis Inc.

In a business world where customer satisfaction is often forgotten, Borden Perlman Insurance Company sets a higher standard. Recently faced with significant building damage at my business, the people at Borden Perlman worked tirelessly to not only to negotiate my claim, but also to work closely with me as I went through an unfamiliar process that was quite daunting.  Thanks to Borden Perlman, my building has been repaired and the claim was paid to my satisfaction with very little interruption to my business. I highly recommend Borden Perlman Insurance Company.

Kate Duggan

Kate Duggan,

Executive Director, Family Promise of Bergen County

We started using Borden Perlman in 2013 after receiving a proposal from Bill Zester, our account executive.  Bill reviewed our coverage, made suggestions and came back with a quote several THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS than we had been paying for all our different policies (liability, umbrella, auto for the bus, Workers Comp, Directors and Officers, etc).  He reviews our policy annually to be certain that we are covered for any situation that may arise.  Bill is able to explain insurance issues in language that someone with literally no background in insurance can understand.  His office is responsive to questions and immediately provides additionally insured paperwork, oftend needed for grants, events and meeting spaces.

It is reassuring to know that I have someone I can call at any time and know that, not only will Bill take my call personally; he will answer all my questions thoroughly and take the appropriate action.  It's like having my own personal insurance agent!

I highly recommend Bill Zester of Borden Perlman.  Check him out!  You won't regret it.

Dave Fried,

Mayor of Robinsville

We recently had a complicated water damage claim.  At first, the claim was denied.  A large part of the claim was eventually paid. We appreciate the efforts of Borden Perlman throughout the process.  Their staff was always availble, helpful knowledgable and on our side.

Brenda Zellner

Brenda Zellner,

Financial Administrator, Specialty Vehicle Solutions LLC

Borden Perlman is very professional.  They present the many options in a clear, concise manner without pressure.  But best of all they have great customer service.  All correspondence is addressed quickly and handled with courtesy and respect.

Kathryn Birmingham,

Executive Director, Camden County Family Support Org.

Quite suddenly, we were notified by the NJ CRIB office that our classification code would be changed from Code 8810 to Code 8868.  This meant very little to me at the time.  Fortunately, our Account Executive, Bill Zester, contacted me immediately to explain the repercussions of the change in Code. This change meant a possible increase of $8,000 a year, with a possible retroactive amount to be collected for past years of incorrect code application.

With Bill’s help, he contacted the NJ CRIB office, directed me to also call the office and write a letter requesting a review of the decision.   Bill’s experience suggested the redesignation of our Code to a more appropriate code.   Representatives of the NJ CRIB met with me and Bill. (He found out about the meeting 2 hours before, but made a heroic effort to support me at this meeting).   He was successful in describing our work and the scope of our work to the CRIB workers.  They changed the classification, and thus saved our small Non Profit from making the decision to pay higher insurance rates, or reduce our workforce, thus eliminating parts of our program for the poor and special needs population of Camden County.

Please accept my thanks and sincere appreciation for your support through Bill Zester.  He is amazing and I feel we are in very good hands.

Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez,

Chief CDL Instructor, E-Z Wheels Driving School

We have been a client of Borden Perlman for many years, and they have always provided us with the highest levels of expertise and customer service.  By working hard to control our insurance costs, Borden Perlman has helped our business continue to grow.  Also, when we have had accidents with our cars, Borden Perlman and the Claims Team have been incredibly helpful in processing and settling the claim, and getting our cars back on the road as fast as possible.  We highly recommend Borden Perlman to other driving schools, and to other businesses as well!

Chris Butto, LSW, LMSW

Chris Butto, LSW, LMSW,

Executive Director, Family Promise of Sussex County

Borden Perlman pointed out some clear coverage needs that were not being met by our previous insurance program and also provided a series of competitive options for us to consider.

We greatly appreciated your personal touch, visiting our small organization twice during the process of obtaining information, evaluating our premises and presenting options for our consideration. It was clear to us through the process that you are knowledgeable about the essential foundation of the Family Promise program and that you are interested in, not just obtaining our business, but assuring our success as a non-profit organization serving the homeless population in northern New Jersey.

We look forward to working with you and to confirming that the decision to switch our property & casualty coverage to Borden Perlman was the right decision for us.

Laurie Emde

Laurie Emde,

Director of Operations, D&R Greenway Land Trust

Since making the switch to Borden Perlman two years ago, I have been very happy with their expert advice, thoughtful and responsive service, and generous support of our organization.  Up front they conducted a detailed examination of our policies, helping us optimize our program by identifying places where we were either under- or over-insured.  After this in-depth analysis and the subsequent changes we decided to make, we saved a substantial sum of money and felt confident that our insurance was properly tailored to our situation.  As time goes on, our team at Borden Perlman stays on top of changes going on at D&R Greenway Land Trust and makes sure that our insurance program adapts to reflect our changing needs.

Zoe Brookes

Zoe Brookes,

Executive Director, Trenton Circus Squad

Borden Perlman has been an outstanding and generous partner of Trenton Circus Squad from the start, showing an unusual level of attention to the exact nature of our work. We have come to rely on their expert advice and terrific service. We’re particularly grateful for their determined hard work in putting together an insurance program that comprehensively addresses the complex needs of our unusual program (and that doesn’t break the bank!). They have rapidly become one of the leading insurance providers for circus arts, aerial arts, and gymnastics programs around the country. We highly recommend them to all organizations that appreciate the value of having the proper protection.

Carol Burden

Carol Burden,

Executive Director, Trenton Community Music School

We recently joined Borden Perlman's roster of clients, and Trenton Community Music School couldn't be happier with the client service and the depth of insurance knowledge that they have brought to our organization. We also appreciate the level of Borden Perlman's engagement with the business and social-profit sectors, and are pleased to be a part of their community.

Jeff Nathanson, Executive Director & Mark Germond, Director of Operations

Jeff Nathanson, Executive Director & Mark Germond, Director of Operations,

Arts Council of Princeton

Borden Perlman has quickly become a trusted partner of the Arts Council of Princeton.  Not only has Borden Perlman worked hard to optimize our insurance program and provided sound, thoughtful advice through several complex insurance-related issues, they have also demonstrated generosity and a commitment to giving back to our community.  Through an annual gift, Borden Perlman helps finance one of our Creative Aging programs, which provides seniors in an area residential assisted living facility with meaningful artistic experiences throughout the year.

Nancy Fennelly,

Fennelly Associates, Inc.

As a small business with diverse needs we sought out Borden Perlman to gain more expanded options. What we found is that their knowledge of the insurance landscape is expansive and diverse. This was a huge benefit to our company as they spent the time to fully educate us on our options, and continue to do that each year and with each additional requirement that we have. Further, their management support team is exceptional. Insurance issues can be complicated; Borden Perlman’s support team helps us to navigate through quickly and comprehensively.



Thank you so very much for all your help! This was a challenging situation and we truly appreciate you stepping in to help us at the last  minute, and really coming through with appropriate options.  Thanks to you, we can actually buy our long-term family home.

Jeff Hurley

Jeff Hurley,

COO/General Manager, Trenton Thunder

Borden Perlman was very helpful in the renewal process for the Trenton Thunder.  This is the first year working with them and they went through the process step by step to make sure everything was covered.  Jeff and Jeremy’s knowledge of the market made for an easier transition.  The Thunder are excited to have a community partner like Borden Perlman and we are looking forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.

Amie Rukenstein

Amie Rukenstein,

Lawrence Hopewell Trail

Borden Perlman has been a great partner to the Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation.  As a unique, multi-faceted public-private partnership, we have unique insurance needs that require a clear understanding of our potential liability and protections in state law. Our agent, Jeremy Perlman, invested the time to understand our needs, identify the right coverage, and to package that coverage at a reasonable cost.  The result is that we are now confident that we have the coverage we need at the lowest possible cost.  We also appreciate the fact that whenever we have questions, Jeremy has been quick to respond, even when he was on vacation.

Amie Rukenstein

Amie Rukenstein,

L&S Residential Management

L&S Residential Management is a new company that will be taking on the management of various affordable housing developments this year.  The first one came on line January 1st and the transition from the prior management to us was very quick.  We had many insurance needs from employee benefits to workers comp to liability.  Borden Perlman made the insurance part of our transition very comfortable.  Our agent, Jeremy Perlman, worked diligently to get us the best coverage for the best rates, and explained why as he went along.  As we add new sites, Jeremy stays in touch and continues to be a valuable resource to our firm.

Akiva Greenbaum

Akiva Greenbaum,

Director of Chabad of TCNJ and Ewing Inc

As a small not for profit organization, we found it very difficult to find a comprehensive insurance policy that fit our needs and was affordable. We spent weeks contacting every company and agent we could, but found nothing suitable. That was until we contacted Borden Perlman. They went straight to work and not only found us a policy to cover all our needs, but it cost us a fraction of the price of other quotes.

Without them, we would not be currently insured. We are forever grateful for their dedication and care, and their customer service has made us feel like family. I look forward to their service for many many years to come.

Steve Crane, Owner

Steve Crane, Owner,

Pó Restaurant

Over the past few months, Borden Perlman has proven to be an invaluable partner of Pó.  In a short period of time, they were able to put together comprehensive and competitively priced insurance with an A+ rated insurance company that specializes in restaurants in NYC, and have consistently demonstrated top-notch service and an expertise in fine-dining establishments.  They also have been instrumental in helping us work through a complicated insurance matter from 2014, even though they were not our broker back then.  We are grateful to have Borden Perlman as a part of our team, and highly recommend them to fellow restaurants in the West Village and beyond.

John A. Horvath

John A. Horvath,


We have been using Borden Perlman for all of our professional liability and building coverage since 2011. We find them extremely responsive and know that they have our best interest in mind with respect to pricing and coverage. We feel confident in their service and recommend them on a regular basis.

Robert Pluta,

Leonardo’s II

Thank you Borden Perlman for helping me to grow my business. The service is impeccable and I enjoy working with their friendly staff.

Zalman Drew,

Cedar Harbor Adult Day Care Center

Borden Perlman’s expert staff developed a comprehensive risk management plan that addressed the wide range of exposures one finds in the adult day care industry. As we custom-tailored the plan to meet our unique needs and budget, account executive Sharon Cappella was always personally available to answer our questions. Thanks to Borden Perlman, we now have superior policies for Property, General Liability and Professional Liability. We also were able to secure Abuse & Molestation coverage.

Cynthia Oberkofler

Cynthia Oberkofler,

Executive Director, Millhill Child & Family Development, Trenton, NJ

Borden Perlman has been an incredible partner to Millhill.  They have consistently offered sound advice, are cost conscious without sacrificing quality and have always promptly addressed any questions or concerns we might have.  They have also generously supported the work we do and the community we serve. 

Steve Cook,

Executive Director of the Arc Mercer

I was impressed when Borden Perlman was able to connect the Arc Mercer with an unemployment insurance product that helped us save more than $140,000 on our bottom line, funds we were able to redeploy as we carry out our important mission. When we realized the Arc Mercer is poised to save over 50% of the original premium in our second year with the program… well, that made us understand and appreciate the expertise Borden Perlman has as it takes its’ clients insurance needs to market.

Eric Lear,

Lear & Pannepacker

Borden Perlman have been instrumental in guiding our Firm through a maze of insurance and risk management issues for many years. Our personal contact has been Shelleen Piselli since day one, and she has been nothing short of timely, practical and professional with her services and responsiveness. We have expanded our coverages, and minimized our exposure as well as reduced our total insurance costs along the way. We consider Jeff Perlman and team to be our strategic partners with our accounting firm and well as for our clients.

Arieh Feigenbaum

Arieh Feigenbaum,

Vice President, Princeton International Properties

It is without hesitation that we provide a testimonial for Borden Perlman. Princeton International Properties has been a client of Borden Perlmanís for many years. We have found the staff, especially Ms. Sharon Cappella, to be professional, efficient and responsive. Borden Perlman has provided Princeton International Properties with professional advice and excellent service. We thank you for a job well done!

Marco Cucchi

Marco Cucchi,

Owner of Thomas Sweet

When we had an insurance claim this past summer, the staff at Borden Perlman was amazing. They were at the store that afternoon, arranged for the cleanup, and paid the claim quickly and fairly. I recommend Borden Perlman to all businesses who want the highest quality risk management and insurance services.

Judy McGale,

Owner of Solebury Lighting Company

Teaming with the right Risk Management Advisor was critical to the success of my business. Shelleen Piselli and the professional staff at Borden Perlman took the time to understand what concerns me, in order to develop a comprehensive insurance program and risk management plan.

Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce

Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce

Borden Perlman has been a trusteed partner and advisor with the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce helping the Chamber and our Chamber Foundation navigate the many levels of insurance for not for profits organizations.

Jack Mudge, Advancing Opportunities

Jack Mudge, Advancing Opportunities,

Chief Executive Officer

Borden Perlman has aggressively sought cost effective liability options that provide our agency the coverage and confidence we need to not only do business, but expand the services we provide.

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