Webinar: Navigating Workers' Compensation Claims and More

February / 26 / 2020

Webinar presented by Meg Errickson, Senior Director of Claims.

Producer Spotlight: Jeremy Perlman

February / 6 / 2019

Get to know Jeremy Perlman, CPCU and his perspective on the evolution of Borden Perlman, what he does in his spare time and his favorite places to travel. 

Producer Spotlight: Megan Chwieroth

February / 6 / 2019

Watch here to get to know Megan Chwieroth, Account Executive, and all about her proudest moment at Borden Perlman and why she'll try almost anything twice.

Producer Spotlight: Chris Borden

February / 6 / 2019

Watch here to get to know Chris Borden, Senior Risk Advisor, his favorite part about BP and why he volunteers for local railroad historical societies

Producer Spotlight: Mark Phander

February / 6 / 2019

Get to know Mark Phander and his favorite part about working for Borden Perlman, how he defines success and how deep his Philly fandom really goes.

Testimonial: Trenton Thunder

June / 6 / 2019

Spring is in full swing and the Trenton Thunder Baseball season is underway. Did you know how much insurance needs a baseball venue has? Don't worry, we've got them covered.

Testimonial: NJBIA

June / 6 / 2019

Whether your business is large or small, NJ Business & Industry Association is there to advise, advocate, and provide networking opportunities. While they aid your business, BP covers theirs. Michele Siekerka, President & CEO explains the power of partnership.

Testimonial: First Bank

June / 6 / 2019

Your money is important to you. Along with providing loans and investing in your future, banks and financial institutions, like First Bank, help you protect and save that money. At Borden Perlman, it's our job to protect them. Patrick Ryan, CEO, explains the importance of insurance for financial institutions, and how Borden Perlman has worked to protect them.

Testimonial: Medical Diagnostic Laboratories

June / 6 / 2019

In today's world, we often multi-task. For businesses, that can mean diversifying their portfolio, and adding more financial endeavors.

Genesis BioTech is one example of this, as they operate Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, own several properties, and run a hospitality division.

Joe Donovan, CFO of Genesis BioTech, explains how partnering with Borden Perlman, and our wide range of expertise, helped consolidate their insurance, making it simpler, while also saving them time and money.

Testimonial: Ritchie & Page

June / 6 / 2019

Whether at the beach, the bar, a BBQ or relaxing on your back deck, Summer is a good time to enjoy an adult beverage.*

Local distributor Ritchie & Page have been providing the tastes of summer in NJ for more than 55 years and Borden Perlman has been with them all along. Chris and Emma Natale share the relationship between the two family run companies and how Borden Perlman meets their insurance needs.

 *Must be 21 to drink alcohol. Drink responsibly.

Employee Testimonial Video

July / 1 / 2019

I Wish I Knew... Travel Accident Insurance

November / 11 / 2015

No one ever imagines getting hurt on vacation, but if it happens you’ll want to be prepared. A Trusted Advisor will make sure you’re covered in case your vacation takes a turn for the worst.  

I Wish I Knew... Replacing Valuables

November / 4 / 2015

You shouldn't have to settle for a replacement that's "close enough." A Trusted Advisor can help you make sure your valuables are truly covered.

I Wish I Knew... Buying Insurance Online

October / 28 / 2015

What you see online isn’t always what you get. A Trusted Advisor takes the guess work out of insurance and custom tailors policies to fit your needs. 

I Wish I Knew... Home Insurance Updates

October / 21 / 2015

Does your insurance policy protect your home updates? A Trusted Advisor makes sure your policy reflects the investments you’ve made in your home.

I Wish I Knew... Independent Agents

October / 14 / 2015

Would you trust the cheapest lawyer to represent you in court? An Independent Agent makes sure you get the best value for your dollar while minimizing risk. Saving 15% up front could spell disaster down the road.

I Wish I Knew... Claim Specialists

October / 7 / 2015

At Borden Perlman you receive a dedicated claim specialist to guide you through your entire claim, not a department with a new "representative" you have to explain your situation to every time you call.

I Wish I Knew... The Pitfalls of Cheap Auto Insurance

September / 30 / 2015

Think your cheap auto policy is too good to be true? You're probably right...

I Wish I Knew... Basement Coverage

September / 23 / 2015

Think your finished basement is fully covered by your insurance? Think again.

I Wish I Knew... Alternate Additional Living Expenses

September / 16 / 2015

Have to deal with an insurance claim that temporarily puts you out of your home?  Make sure you are properly covered for what comes next...

I Wish I knew... Advisors vs. Ads

September / 10 / 2015

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