I Wish I Knew... Travel Accident Insurance

November / 11 / 2015

No one ever imagines getting hurt on vacation, but if it happens you’ll want to be prepared. A Trusted Advisor will make sure you’re covered in case your vacation takes a turn for the worst.  

I Wish I Knew... Replacing Valuables

November / 4 / 2015

You shouldn't have to settle for a replacement that's "close enough." A Trusted Advisor can help you make sure your valuables are truly covered.

I Wish I Knew... Buying Insurance Online

October / 28 / 2015

What you see online isn’t always what you get. A Trusted Advisor takes the guess work out of insurance and custom tailors policies to fit your needs. 

I Wish I Knew... Home Insurance Updates

October / 21 / 2015

Does your insurance policy protect your home updates? A Trusted Advisor makes sure your policy reflects the investments you’ve made in your home.

I Wish I Knew... Independent Agents

October / 14 / 2015

Would you trust the cheapest lawyer to represent you in court? An Independent Agent makes sure you get the best value for your dollar while minimizing risk. Saving 15% up front could spell disaster down the road.

I Wish I Knew... Claim Specialists

October / 7 / 2015

At Borden Perlman you receive a dedicated claim specialist to guide you through your entire claim, not a department with a new "representative" you have to explain your situation to every time you call.

I Wish I Knew... The Pitfalls of Cheap Auto Insurance

September / 30 / 2015

Think your cheap auto policy is too good to be true? You're probably right...

I Wish I Knew... Basement Coverage

September / 23 / 2015

Think your finished basement is fully covered by your insurance? Think again.

I Wish I Knew... Alternate Additional Living Expenses

September / 16 / 2015

Have to deal with an insurance claim that temporarily puts you out of your home?  Make sure you are properly covered for what comes next...

I Wish I knew... Advisors vs. Ads

September / 10 / 2015

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